This is the blog for the Jisc project called  Architectus

The main project ran from 2011-2013 as part of the Jisc e-Content Programme. The project was led, and continues to be sustained, by Birmingham City University’s  Centre for Enhancement of Learning & Teaching in partnership with Birmingham School of Architecture, Birmingham School of Built Environment, University of the West of England and Council of Heads of Built Environment Departments (CHOBE). 

The main objective of the project was to source from Architectural Practices directly, original design drawings (large sized/full scale), sketches, technical diagrams, photographs and other assets for contemporary projects across the United Kingdom. Cocering each stage of a building projects lifecycle known as the RIBA Plan of Work. Additionally, the project has digitised nearly 900 unique resources from the archives of the Birmingham and Five Counties Architectural Association Trust (B5CAAT),  based at Royal Institute of British Architects) RIBA West Midlands.

The Chronology of Project Progress can be found in the Blog News Tab. All project partners, led by Birmingham City University is committed to further enhancing this OER with new Contributor resources from Architectural Practices and Learning Activity Packages & Directed Study Suggestions. Please contact the Project Manager

All Architectus OER resources and Learning Packages are available for free under a © Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0 Licence Creative Commons

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